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2012: LocationsPRO Ltd established as a UK company.

The founders, David Greaves and Tom Jennings have been in the locations business for over 14 years and in the tv and movie business for over 30 years. During that time they have amassed approx 69,000 filming/movie locations, and geocoded them to almost 100% accuracy.

LocationsPRO first partnered with the excellent HeyUGuys movie website/blog to bring an unsurpassed wealth of knowledge, feedback and communication to movie fans everywhere, even on the go on mobile devices so that no matter where you are you will most likely find movie locations nearby. Great for blogging and sharing with your friends.

Our info, especially scene data, is constantly checked and cross-referenced manually for accuracy and we always welcome new or updated info from our members.

The help given to us by www.themoviedb.org whose API data enables us to bring you the film/movie information / photos and videos with the cast lists/directors, etc. is gratefully acknowledged.

Scene data is being added so that everyone can share with the LocationsPRO community.
Latest movies are constantly being added, even movies destined for release as far away as 2018.

We work very hard to produce beautiful, feature-packed smartphone apps that we hope will bring you enjoyment wherever you and your mobile device happen to find yourselves.

Please feel free to give us your constructive feedback, suggestions and comments.

Enjoy our apps and here’s to a great 2015 in the fascinating and glamorous world of movie and TV locations.

The ‘sexiest data on the planet’ is brought to you by…

The LocationsPRO Team
Spring 2015


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Meet the Team

David Greaves
CTO, Programmer Developer

David brings a wealth of programming skill and experience. A webmaster who has built over 700 websites.

Tom Jennings
CEO - Jack Of All Trades

Tom has been called ‘a think-tank of opportunities’. A creative with a deep understanding of technology and media.

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Have you got what it takes to become part of this dynamic team?