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Our skilled development team is right up to date with the latest coding and design disciplines and techniques. We are therefore able to offer the following services:


From any address, post / zip code we can produce movie recommendations.
Example: If you rent or sell movies you have the name, address and post zip code of your customers. Run your customer’s address or post / zip code through the LocationsPRO system and a list of movies filmed in and around that address or post / zip code will be generated. Then you can send your customer a flyer saying, “Hey, did you know that these movies (our movie list based on their location) were filmed nearby? Rent or buy any of these movies and receive a discount on your purchase.

The LocationsPRO API contains over 69,000 geocoded (mapped) movie locations worldwide linked to over 100,000 movies and can be implemented within your app or your website.

Our development team can design and build an app with all the latest features to your specification.


Our systems are capable of geocoding (mapping) 1000’s of addresses per hour. We offer a level of automation that is cutting edge. We can usually achieve a result even if your addresses are incomplete. Our operators and systems are capable of turning the least amount of data into fully geocoded addresses.


Our developers are very experienced at implementing Google maps on websites and apps.

We are open to considering strategic partnerships.
Our latest partnership is with the excellent HeyUGuys.co.uk.

“We found the perfect partner in LocationsPro.”
HeyUGuys wanted an app that featured not only the LocationsPRO API but also their constantly updated movie information. They have categories including: Interviews, Features, Trailers, Photos, Latest News etc.
Our development team designed and built the app which was subsequently approved by the App Store and has so far garnered multiple 5 Star reviews.

View screenshots from the HeyUGuys App and App Store Reviews

HeyUGuys App in the App Store

We are very proud of our association and strategic partnership with HeyUGuys. David and Jon have been great to work with and the results speak for themselves

Check out the HeyUGuys review of our joint venture app

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